Europa Music

Europa Music - Stirling's top class independent Music Store.

Europa Music is the largest record & vinyl shop in Scotland

People travel to Stirling specifically because of Europa Music and it's fantastic collection of music of all types.

"Worth a visit to Stirling itself"- The List Magazine

Europa Music buys, sells and or exchanges records (vinyl),CD's, DVD's, music, books and memorabilia of types.

Ewan the owner of Europa Music, has an incredible in depth knowledge and passion for music, he is an encyclopedia of all popular music for the last 60+ years.  

Europa Music also sells badges, patches, T-shirts and 'Magic - The Gathering' The vinyl record shop is currently the largest in Scotland with over 20,000 LP's, over 20,000 7" singles and 10,000 12" singles.
The Europa Music CD selection has new and second hand stock of over 15,000 and between vinyl and CD we have a vast selection of music  of every type - Classical, Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash, Death ,  Jazz, Blues, Soundtracks, Folk, Scottish, Irish, English, Latin, World, Pop, Avant Garde  to mention just a few.   If it's not in - Ewan at Europa Music will do his utmost to get it for you!
Europa Music also supplies tickets for Colours, Inside Out and some Europa events.

Europa Music is OPEN 7 DAYS all year round - highly recommended even for those who only have a passing interest in musicof the last 80 years!