Stirling Bagpipes

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Stirling Bagpipes

stirlingbagpipesg1.jpg'Stirling Bagpipes' combines manufacturing workshop and a retail outlet.

Stirling Bagpipes specialise in making high quality hand crafted highland bagpipes as well as smallpipes and borderpipes. They offer bespoke bagpipes from our standard range but can also create tailor made sets according to customer's specifications.

You-Tube-LogoMaking Traditional Bagpipes (4mins 36 secs)

You-Tube-Logostirling-bagpipes.jpgPractice Chanter Kits (2mins 30secs)

You-Tube-LogoRestoring Bagpipes (2mins 40 secs)

You-Tube-LogoBags for Bagpipes (2mins 20secs)

You-Tube-LogoStirling Bagpipes (2mins 40 secs)

In our store there is a wide collection of antique bagpipes of famous makes available for purchase.

NO VAT. PRICES QUOTED ARE FINAL FIGURES!alan-and-paulina-waldron.jpg


MONDAY              10am - 6pm

TUESDAY             10am - 6pm

WEDNESDAY       10am - 6pm

THUESDAY           10am - 6pm

FRIDAY                 10am - 6 pm

SATURDAY           10am - 6pm

SUNDAY                Closedstirling-bagpipes-pipes-1.jpg

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