Explore Stirling, Scotland

Stirling has always been one of the most important cities in Scotland, for those on a Stirling holiday, you will not be disappointed by what the city and area has to offer the visitor.

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Strategically Stirling was politically crucial from early to medieval times. It is said that whoever controlled Stirling, controlled Scotland. All Stirling visitors should take a trip to Stirling Castle which guarded the main crossing point over the River Forth; all armies travelling north or south had to pass here. Several important battles occurred within view of Stirling Castle's ramparts. Because "to hold Stirling was to have Scotland", the town became known as 'the key to the Scotland'.

Stirling Castle was the favoured Scottish Royal residence of the Stuart monarchs, only Edinburgh rivaling it for importance. The castle blossomed as a royal palace with its renaissance architecture, magnificently restored by Historic Scotland. Three kings of Scotland were born in Stirling castle and, in the streets below, the merchants and courtiers established fine homes many of which can still be seen today.

Today, Stirling is a vibrant mix of the old and the new. Visitors to Stirling will find a host of attractions and events in and around Stirling from which to choose, including the historic old to
wn with its fine architecture. The modern town centre also offers excellent shopping, a fine selection of restaurants and recreational facilities.


Falkirk is with easy reach of Stirling and those on a Stirling holiday are recommended paying a visit. It is a great town, whether you are exploring the heritage trail or visiting fantastic attractions such as the Falkirk Wheel and Callander House. It also offers fantastic shopping, restaurants and cafes. Falkirk is the ideal centrally located base from which to explore the Forth Valley area and there are many historical sites by Falkirk. Just a short drive from Stirling is the impressive Antonine Wall which crosses central Scotland 63 km (39 miles) long, built in 150 AD by Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius, a stone and turf fortification about 3 m (10 feet) high and 5 m (15 feet) wide.



An area well worth a visit when on holiday in Stirling is Clackmannanshire, rich in culture and heritage with links to some of Scotland's most famous historical characters. An area that once had a thriving textiles industry, today there is a thriving local arts and crafts scene.

The Explore Stirling web site is here to help the Stirling holiday maker make the most of their visit to this wonderful part of Scotland, steeped in history and the Scottish Wars of Independence.